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Images of Fredericksburg by Tanya
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February 2013 Newsletter- cllick to download pdf

The Panda Band:

Bongo George Panda was inspired by a local band member.

Commissions welcome.

Fredericksburg Virginia by Tanya Richey 

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China Collection

International fine artist working locally... "I art therefore I am!"

Now accepting preorders for Tanya Richey Ornaments

Fredericksburg OrnamentMary Ball Washington House Ornementclick here for more info

Tanya Richey 2013 ornaments are available for $34 preorder.

Unique personalized ornaments can be commissioned with minimum order of 10.\

Call 540-841-7344 Email pr@tmrart.com or stop by 817 Caroline Street.


Watercolor ~ Acrylic ~ Mixed-Medium ~ Original Fine Art ~ Commissions

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Mary Washington House watercolor by Tanya Richey
Mary Washington House
Hugh Mercer Apothecary
Hugh Mercer Apothecary
Fredericksburg Courthhouse 
F'burg Court House
Historic Rising Sun Tavern by Tanya Richey
Rising Sun Tavern
818 Sophia Street Fredericksburg, VA
818 Sophia Street
Tanya thinks of herself as a modern day itinerate painter.
She paints the world as she sees it sharing her interpretation of life.
Working in many mediums and styles Tanya expresses her thoughts and experiences through her art.

The Fredericksburg Painting by Tanya Richey
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New Work
Paintings of Schwetzingen, Germany
in progress! .SchwetzingenSchlossMozart's House Schwetzingen.  SOLD